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Yes, nice service! A truly professional approach by a company who obviously know what they are doing and strive to give you the best service and very competitive prices. Special thanks to cs staff who between them promptly dealt with all the email queries I sent and insured the whole transaction went smoothly despite the changes I requested. The doll is very lifelike and soft skin! Thoroughly happy with my first purchase with this seller and will definitely be back for the next. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this is a legit and safe sex doll company. She is so nice to cuddle with and honestly I feel I’ve slept better with her company than I did before. The doll is good quality and possesses all the right curves to make any booty or boob lover happy. One sidenote also is that the hole placement is great on this model and I’ve managed all kinds of positions easily. All in all, in my opinion this was the most perfect body out of all the options that I looked at and I am super happy that I went through with getting this one.

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Yes, they are a legit vendor. Great product, very life like. The price was super reasonable and very well worth the expense. A bit long wait due to certain conditions round the world but well worth it. The doll arrived in excellent condition. Very cute and beautiful, really high quality and super realistic appearance, very happy with my purchase. Really impressed by the level of details! I’ll gonna make a new buy soon. The staff extremely helpful and there every step of the way. Thanks!!!